Monday, September 12, 2011

I'm Aware, Thanks; or, That Day When Cardiac Hill Became Abortion Alley

I stumbled upon these lovely signs this morning on my way to class. Take a few steps further down cardiac hill and there I was faced with about 30 more, only these were much more graphic. I guess some sort of anti abortion group on campus was doing an awareness project or something. But for real- these images were disgusting, and NOT what I wanted to be looking at right after breakfast. They were like, bloody babies going down drains and people crying and frown faces. And they were HUGE!

And what makes it even worse is that the billboards were right next to the cafeteria, so after I was finished with all my classes and i was on my way back to my dorm, when I passes the signs all I could think was, "It smells really good. I'm hungry!" which is obviously a horrible thing to be thinking when there are aborted babies all around you! So that was fun.

Also, let it be known that of the 5 people I saw passing out pamphlets next to the pictures, 3 of them were smoking and 1 of them had blue hair. So I don't think they were really sending out the intended message.

I'd post a picture of the ginormous wall of pictures, but I don't really want an image of the unborn on my blog. It's not really on my list of things I love.

Was this post insensitive? Hope not!

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