Monday, September 12, 2011

I Did Stuff With People!

Let it be known that on September 12, I did stuff with people. I know, right?! It's amazing! Granted, the little outing did have to begin by me texting to Delaney, "Let me know when you're eating," just like every over time I see people begins, but whatever. So the fun began at about 5, when I went over to E & D's dorm.

The fun began with Emily telling me that I had atrocious eyebrows (you see what I have to put up with?), so Delaney felt it necessary to pluck them. With tweezers.

So that was great fun. When they were done fixing my face Emily said it still looked rough, so she would bring her electric razor to school next week. Thanks for that.

So as payback for that I took really awful pictures of them at dinner. Pictured here is the demon some refer to as Delaney. See the look of possession in her eyes?

Next we have Emily, who at the moment this picture was taken saw a group of Frat boys and felt it necessary to do her best monkey impression. I don't know why. Do we think she succeeded? Let me know in the comments.

But that's about it for fun today. I could post some mean pictures of Bekahhh, but I need her blood, so I'll keep her on my good side for now. That's all I got for now.

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