Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our Confederate Dead

Yesterday Delaney decided she wanted to go exploring, so that is what we did. We told Emily she could come too, but she was being all mopey and said she'd rather Google pictures of couples slow dancing (?).

Apathetic Emily
So anyway, Delaney and I went exploring around campus. Apparently Delaney has a thing for graveyards, so that's where we went first.

Then we went back to the main campus and broke into the campus church! Not really, though, because only the front door was locked. If you walked around to the back their was a handicap button that opened the door. 

Delaney's attempt at photography

Then we saw to the side of the church a door that looked like it led to a dungeon, so we tried to get through, but it was blocked.

But that's about it for yesterday. No more fun for me. Obviously. I'll post a few more pictures of the adventure just because. Click them to make the image bigger!

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