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Creepmore and the Succubus - An Unspoken Love

Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs;
Being purged, a fire sparkling in lovers' eyes;
Being vexed, a sea nourished with loving tears.
What is it else? A madness most discreet,
A choking gall, and a preserving sweet.

-William Shakespeare

This post will be a little different than any of my others, in that it's not really about me at all. In fact, it's a story that I'm pretty sure most of you know very well, and probably speak about quite often unless you're one of the two main characters. If you have no idea who either of these people are, then this story might not be of much interest to you, but it could be good to read if you want to better understand the thoughts that go through a pair of star-crossed-lovers' minds.

To better understand our pair of hopeless romantics, let's first start by taking a closer look at the definitions of their names. (Taken from Urban Dictionary)

A succubus from hell sent to stamp on the heart of young innocent boys. The only known way to defeat a Linnea is to remove it's vagina through a complex surgical procedure.
Male displaying generic "frat-guy" behavior traits. Is not necessarily in an actual fraternity, or in college for that matter. Constantly asserts his manliness through loud obnoxious boasts relating to topics that can include, but are not limited to, car size, how drunk he got/how many "bitches" were at/he had sex with at the party, bench pressing, and possibly irrational exaggerations with regard to extreme sports that he is, in reality, probably not that good at.

Above: We have here our two subjects, sitting together
at a graduation ceremony.
As you can clearly see from those definitions, neither party involved can be completely blamed for their inability to confess their love to one another. Linnea is "a succubus from hell sent to stamp on the heart on young innocent boys," and thus has a difficult time being able to admit her feelings due to her duties as a demon. Todd, on the other hand, is a "generic 'frat guy'," which clearly shows that he's not exactly right in the head to begin with.

Still, when two people have been in love for so long, and everyone and their mother is aware of it, one has to wonder: why have these two love doves been unable for so long to finally let go of their inhibitions and and admit to one another that there is no one else in the world that matters more?

Before we attempt to uncover the answers to that question, let's first examine our subjects as individuals, discuss how they met, and in turn discover the meaning behind their supposed hatred for one another and how it contributes to the mystery that is their love.

Pictured: Linnea as a toddler, expressing her future
emotions for Todd through song.
A. Linnea Williams was born on August 24, 1994, in Orange County, California. It was not a natural birth, however, as no birth of a succubus ever is. A contributing factor to her demonic lifestyle may be that her estranged grandmother, a Wiccan, was present at the birth. Her parents chose to raise her as normally as they could, and in 1999, they moved to Tennessee. 

Todd P. Creekmore was born on ???. At only five years of age, Todd's world changed forever, due to his failure to answer a simple addition problem in his Kindergarten class. From that point foreword, Todd determined himself to be the best at everything, and in effect, he ended up isolating himself from all of his peers. In addition to being the smartest, he also desired to be the coolest, hence his frat-like tendencies. 

Linnea and Todd began going to the same school in the 6th grade, but didn't really begin to talk until 7th grade. When they were in that fateful year of their lives, they actually posed with each other for a picture at a school dance. It was from that point onward that they both knew that they were destined to be together.

Following the school dance, their relationship then took a break. A four year break, to be specific. In their Junior year of high school, they began to see more and more of each other due to having some classes together. Immediately the romantic feelings came rushing back to both of them. The problem was, they were both terrified of each other! Not terrified like in a "you might kill me" kind of way, but in a "I'm scared you might break my heart" kind of way. 

They were both so unwilling to admit their feelings to one another that they both began to create false relationships. Todd claimed to only be entrusted in women of a certain ethnic varieties, while Linnea claimed to only be willing to date guys who played soccer, or who were friends of those who played soccer.

They both lived their individual lies for a few months, until Linnea actually decided to "date" someone else. In retaliation Todd did the unthinkable. He asked Linnea's best friend to prom in revenge.

This was too much for Linnea to handle. She was absolutely heartbroken. Her best friend Scarlett had betrayed her, and it was for someone she had never even spoken to before. Things were tense for a while, and Linnea's only escape from it all was by obsessing even more over the soccer team.

Things quickly began to change, however, as the day of graduation for the current seniors drew nearer. Linnea realized that once they were gone, she would have no more friends, and (gasp!) no more soccer team. She needed a new guy to stalk, otherwise her own senior year would be spent eating lunch in a bathroom stall and laughing way too hard at teachers' jokes. So she had to act fast. 

Luckily, Todd was ready and waiting for her, and they began to go on secret dates. Things were good for a while. They enjoyed each other's company, and they really couldn't imagine spending their time with anyone else. Pictures to the right, you can see a picture of the happy couple on their first date, which was an outing to the forest to gaze at the stars together and ponder about their future.

Things couldn't have gone smoothly for forever, however. The two were lucky enough to both be able to go to Orlando on an FBLA trip, and they were excited to go on their first vacation together. Disney World! Below, you can see how they wouldn't let me sit in the front row of Splash Mountain, because they wanted to experience the drop together. So I had to sit in the back.

That's when things grew rough. For the FBLA national competition, they competed in different events, and both placed in the top five of their respective categories. However, this event caused much jealousy between the two. Linnea got third place in her category while Todd got fifth, and Todd couldn't bear the the thought that she was smarter than him. And Linnea, while placing higher in the competition, didn't win as much money as Todd did, so she was pretty bitter. So things were rough.

Fast foreword to now. They both act like they hate each other, but somehow are willing to work together on a FBLA competition together. But will their romantic relationship spark up again? And more importantly, will they go to prom together?

I think we all know the answer to that last question, but only time will tell.

Disclaimer: The preceding blog post may or may not have been fictional. Not entirely fictional, but maybe just a little.

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