Friday, September 23, 2011

It Would Make My Day To Pay For Your Dinner, But Can I Please Have Some of Your Blood?

You may have seen me tweet this sentence a few weeks ago, but I never actually got around to explain what it meant. So that's what this blog will be about. There's no punchline or kick in the stomach at the end, though. It's just a fun little story.

My psychology class is ridiculously difficult. It's one of those college classes that high school teachers tell you about where there are only three tests in the class, and that's it. Each test counts for 33.3333 percent of my grade. So you can understand how I might be worried. The up-side is that my teacher does give us some extra credit opportunities (21 whole points). The down-side is that the extra credit opportunity is donating blood to the red cross.

I don't know if you've like, ever met me, but if you have then you should know that giving blood is not something I do. It's not that I'm against it or anything like that. It's that I'm terrified.

So yeah, I was under the impression that I would just have to make really good grades in psychology, because that extra credit was not coming my way any time soon. But then my teacher told us that if we couldn't give the blood ourselves, we could get a friend to do it for us and still get the six bonus points. So it was time to start working on that charm you all know and love me for (/sarcasm.).

My first victim of interest was Lisa. I won't post her last name to protect her identity, but her brother's last name is Rangel. We were all eating at Mellow Mushroom like two weeks ago, and I kindly asked her if she had ever given blood. Of course she said yes. So that's when I began to beg her to give me her blood, and she was all like, "Oooooh,  don't know. Maybe, let me think about it. Blah blah blah."

And that was when the infamous quote happened. I said, "It would make my day to pay for your dinner, but can I please have some of your blood?"

And then she said something along the lines of, "No. I am rich and don't need your peasant money. I get paid $1000 a year to go to school, because I am so intelligent in the head and such, so you paying for my five dollar dinner really doesn't mean anything to me. You keep your money and I'll keep my blood."

So it appeared that Lisa was not going to give me her blood.

The next blood donating candidate was Bekah, who is Emily and Delaney's roommate, and who I lovingly refer to as Bekahhh, due to the unfortunate spelling of her name. Even when I have it spelled the right way on here, I still get a little red line under it because it says it's not a real word. Her last name is quite hysterical as well: Hutsenpiller. Hahahaha.

So anyway, I asked her to give me some blood, and she actually seemed quite willing. Score! And then Emily asked Jacob, who is Bakah's best friend (they're secretly dating), if he would donate blood for her, and he said yes! So all was well.

Yesterday was finally the blood donating day. We got to the Red Cross place one minute before it closed, so they had to stay open late for us. I guess they really wanted some blood.

Normally when you give blood, you have to fill out this online form that's all about you're, um, extracurricular activities (in bed), but since it's online it's not really an invasion of privacy. But this time, the doctor asked Bakah all of them out loud, out in the open, so that was quite fun to watch (She answered no to all of them! Don't worry!).

And then they gave blood. And Jacob got a free shirt. And Bakah did not.

And I got my extra credit.

All's well that ends well.

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