Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Quest For Ice That Ended In A Trail Of Tears

Hello All! I feel like I haven't posted a "this is what I did today" post in awhile, so yesterday  decided that I would take you along with me on a Frozen Ice trip, which just happens to be my favorite part of college. I can't say that the trip went quite according to plan, but whatever, it'll make a good (I hope) blog post. If you think this post is boring, then I'm sorry. Truly, I apologize, but you should still enjoy looking at the pictures or something. So here it goes, I guess.

In case you are a complete idiot, you have probably thought to yourself that the phrase "Frozen Ice" is a bit redundant, but that's beside the point. That's what we called it the first time we made the trip, and even though we've realized since then that it's actually called "Hawaiian Ice," it feels a bit disloyal to call it anything else.

The Frozen Ice is not exactly a quick walk away from campus, so Delaney and I were being a bit risky when we left for the ice at about 6:20. We told Emily to come too, but she had to go watch Bones or look for more dancing couples or something. So off we went.

First we had to cross the ridiculously lengthy road, which is always a bit dangerous considering that the light isn't visible.

And then we had to walk down a sidewalk where all of the rich people in Chattanooga go. 

Next was the (little) bridge...

And the Art District.

Then the terrifying glass bridge. I'll post a different picture of it a little bit later. But it's made out of glass. Like, it's clear.

Then the HUGE bridge across the lake (or river?)

And then we were finally there! See? Look! There's the Frozen Ice cart right there!

...and there's the owner. Driving away.

And getting further away.

And further.

So we had to walk all the way back across the bridge. Sans Ice. 

And we were sad.

And then a random little girl rode a tricycle across the bridge. 

When we got across the bridge we saw a dog.

And then we went to the Trail of Tears (TOTs) memorial.

It was fitting. Because we were sad. Because we didn't get any Frozen Ice. So we had to walk back across the glass bridge.

And back to campus it was.

The end.

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